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Discipleship Class

This is the sequence of classes that all people in the church should attend. Even for people who have been Christians for a long time, these classes will fill in gaps and challenge them to grow.

How We Define Discipleship:
A disciple is someone who has believed the message of the gospel, responded to the call of God in repentant faith, been baptized and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is seeking to understand and obey all that Jesus taught his first disciples. (Matt 28:19)

The term 'discipleship' designates the whole life response of Christians to Jesus Christ. Everything a Christian believes and does is an aspect of discipleship; the goal of discipleship is to grow ever more Christ-like in every aspect of life. Discipleship is about having your character formed by the Spirit. It involves responding to God, living in fellowship with other Christians and having your entire personality - your instincts and everything - shaped by Jesus. Increasingly, your character should reveal more of Christ. Such character develops by:
  • living 'in Christ', as the Spirit forms us through Scripture and the influence of fellow Christians;
  • becoming like Jesus in our attitudes and behavior;
  • growing in the fruit of the Spirit;
  • learning and living kingdom values, as we support God's mission to the world;
  • discerning where the Spirit is at work in contemporary culture and where culture is a block to the Spirit;
  • dying to self so as increasingly to live a Spirit-filled life.
You can think of discipleship in terms of the individual: 'What does it mean for me to become more like Jesus?' Or you can think of it from the standpoint of the church: 'What can we do to help people become more Christ-like?' In all these pages on discipleship, we shall be using the term mainly in this second sense. Christian character is formed by the making of consistent choices, within a community of faith, where there is mutual encouragement to live a distinctively Christian life.

Generation Of Disciples/Leaders Study
Date: Starting October 4, 2016 till Dec. 27, 2016 - Every Tuesday   Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Last Chance Ministries (youth room)   404 Brady Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78207

Curriculum Disciples Handouts / G.O.D. Discipleship Study:
Oct. 4, 2016 G.O.D. Discipleship Intro Packet
Oct. 11. 2016 G.O.D. Discipleship 1 Questions

Curriculum Leaders Handouts / G.O.D. Leadership Study:
Oct. 11. 2016 G.O.D. Leadership 1 Questions

G.O.D. Leadership Class: 10/18/2016
G.O.D. Leadership Class: 10/25/2016
G.O.D. Leadership Class: 11/01/2016