Last Chance Ministries is a Bible-Based Church serving the community in the inner city. We have two sanctuaries where we provide a church service for both adults and children. We also produce annual outreach events which are Health Clinic Programs, Easter, Fiesta, Back To School, National Night Out, HarvestFest, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to name a few. We have ministries for every walk of life to include: Men, Women, Children, Youth, Food Pantry and Sports. LCM Church is open to the community every day. We want people to know that somebody cares no matter what is tearing them down.


  We invite you to join us for the Bridging The Gap Meeting/Networking. Bridging The Gap's goal is to help unite, promote & network resources from organizations, businesses, churches, individuals, and the community that can benefit the westside community by building relationships & working together for everyone involved. There are many gaps in San Antonio and if we're going to change the community there needs to be unity. Next Meeting is June 7, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Last Chance Ministries uses sports to empower West Side youth

KSAT 12 News by Stephanie Serna - Reporter
  For the last four years, Last Chance Ministries has used sports to reach youth and influence positive changes. Jessica Gramajo's 6-year-old daughter Zyana loves to play baseball. Last Chance Ministries' Christian Sports Organization (CSO) has given her the opportunity to do just that. "We just finished basketball, and now we're in soccer season, and then baseball and then we have football," Gramajo said. "We're just constantly doing something, keeping our children busy."

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A one time donation of $365 or just a dollar a day for 1 full year can sponsor one child to stay off the streets and stay active at Gladiator’s boxing gym with a year round membership.

A one time donation of $100 can keep a child off the streets and busy playing sports year round. (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheerleading and Football)

A one time donation of $25 can give a child the opportunity to play a sport of their choosing. (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheerleading and Football)